New Voting Rewards!

remotely3 OwnerAdminSponsorPromoter posted Fri at 22:21
Hello my fellow Oni!

We have introduced a new system for voting rewards! Not only do you get your usual $Oni$ with your vote, but there is a chance you can get other items as well! From diamonds and emeralds to unbrewable potions and spawn eggs! Your votes also add up to a collective total as well, giving you rewards when you have a certain amount of votes! Enchanted books, levels of XP and even the elusive Pig spawners are all guaranteed rewards once you reach a certain number of votes!

Head on over to the voting page to find out more:
Interested in the specifics of the rewards? Find them here

Don't forget about the Halloween Building Competition! Building is open until the 30th and the judging is on the 31st. The competition is in creative, so there's still plenty of time to get a great build in there. Regardless if you're building or not, check out the other builds there at /warp Halloween.

Have a great Halloween and see you in-game! - Remotely