Easter weekend events

RA3Unleashed AdminDev*Oni* posted Tue at 13:31
Hello my fellow Oni,

To celebrate this Easter, I'll be holding two events this weekend:

Saturday 19 April 10pm British Summer Time (BST): Speed build event
Similar to previous events you may have done, you will have 1 hour to build a structure (what ever you like) in a 16 by 16 area (with no height restriction). But don't start planning you structure now... because you have to build with the materials we provide (you'll all get the same stuff) and we'll not be telling you what you'll get in advance!

Entries will be judges by me and the winner gets a corner Trade World plot (non-transferable). If you already have a trade world store you'll need to move your existing store to this plot.

Sunday 20
April 10pm BST: Easter egg hunt
Simple, find the Easter egg and you can keep it. A dragon egg that is, and it will be hidden somewhere inside a huge solid block of stone bricks. You're going to have to mine for it!

See you then!