OniTech 2: Ultima Server Opening!

RA3Unleashed AdminDevSponsor*Oni* posted Aug 22, 15

Hello my fellow Oni!

Many of you have been patiently waiting, and the time has finally come to open the updated OniTech server! With the updated pack, we've added lots of new mods, updated old ones, reduced the launch time, and given a bunch of different gameplay options to pursue! There's many more magic-themed mods than the last pack, including BloodMagic, Witchery, and various add-ons that connect all the magic mods together. For those of you looking for more technology based mods, there's new things for you as well, such as Tinker's Construct with Iguana Tweaks, RFTools, Immersive Engineering and Galacticraft. There's plenty of mods to try out and play with, so there's something for everyone!

Updating OniTech to OniTech 2: Ultima

All you have to do is launch the Technic launcher and search for "OniTech 2: Ultima" in the search bar located in the modpacks tab. The IP is still the same as it was before, OniTech.OniClanGaming.com

Joining OniTech for the first time

If you don't have the launcher yet, you can find out how to download and install what you need.

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