Members & Donors July 10th update.

Camtaro OwnerAdminDevSponsor
Camtaro @ OniCraft
posted Jul 10, 14
Dear OCG members and donors,

This is a announcement concerning the usage of points in cosmetic rank upgrades.

Many of you have been asking me to use your website points to upgrade your ranks. For instance using 10,000 points to upgrade yourselves from Coal to Iron. I want to advise you that, while this is an option available to you at this moment, I would highly advise against it.

We've made several informative threads and news posts to explain the way the ranks work now, but I'll again break it down for you all since I am getting the impression you guys and gals don't realize that these ranks you are requesting now, because of the EULA, are only a colored name tag (with no perks) that represent how much a person has donated in the course of their OCG playtime. They are simply an extra reward for donating to the server in general or purchasing cosmetic packages (to be released in the donor store).

To re-iterate - Coal to Bedrock ranks are now (as of a week or so ago) only a ingame colored name tag, obtained after donating however much to the server. Only the 'Oni' rank comes with an actual perk - to create your own custom rank. But if you had obtained these donor ranks previously, you will still have them available to you.

So let's break down the ranks.

Donor ranks - these include (Veteran, Coal to Oni and any custom rank created by an Oni)
  • these ranks are only for in-game prestige and have NO gameplay impact
  • they can be distributed by any means without offending the EULA, such as payment via real life currency
  • players may choose what rank to display in game out of these choices, once obtained

Gameplay ranks - these include (Guest, and Member to Elitist+)
  • these ranks are gained by spending time on the server
  • they only contain perks that affect gameplay features of Minecraft, plugins and mods
  • the ability to build, /home, make giant quarry's, smash rocks together to make tools, even /fly privileges and all others like it are now located in these ranks
  • these privileges are no longer DONOR perks, since they must abide by the Minecraft EULA, and cannot be obtained via real life or real life/website point hybrid currencies
  • players may choose what rank to display in game out of these choices, once obtained

Staff ranks
- these include (Guide, Moderator, Admin, Owner)
  • these ranks are for the moderation staff of Oni Clan Gaming
  • they contain no cosmetic only game play features of Minecraft needed to moderate the community
  • players may NOT choose what rank to display after obtaining a staff rank - they must display the tag at ALL times and always at their current level of administration

Cosmetic perks
- (not yet all assembled, coming soon, purchasable only with $)
  • are added to specific individuals as subranks after purchasing them in the Oni Store and include:
    • things like /hat, and other classic cosmetic perks like disguise
    • your own in-game MIDI jukebox (with your own selection of songs) - new perk
    • the ability to have external images added to crafted maps (have an awesome picture u want to add as artwork for you in-game home) - new perk
  • we'll keep adding to these cosmetic perks as we find them - just make a suggestion if you know of anything we could use
  • you can't display them as your main rank

Once you have obtained a rank or perk, you have it for life. If it is a gameplay or donor rank you can easily switch between them and retain all the privileges of ranks and perks you have acquired.

With that being said, I just want to reiterate that the points to oni converter will be removed on 21 July and all enjin website points will be reset to 0. Spend whatever points you have obtained on $Oni$ (the currency, not Oni the rank).

I apologize for the confusion, and the inconvenience this new, soon to be strictly enforced Minecraft EULA has caused. Unfortunately the future is now very clouded for Oni Clan Gaming because of this. We're doing the very best we can to find new and enticing ways to get new players, retain them, get them to help support the server and want to while doing it.

So far we have received no donations other then what I've been able to provide from what I could spare and a generous contribution from one of our oldest members who are already Oni ranked. I ask that everyone please spare some change for this month's bill if they can, perhaps buy a little Oni while the option is left. Our bill is due at the 20th of every month. We have over 4000 registered users. If everyone managed to donate just 0.25c, just a quarter out of a dollar, we'd have enough money for 4 months, let alone this one.

That's all the news I have available at the moment my fellow Oni. Thanks for reading, your continued support and understanding of the matters and fear not, as promised I will always pay out of pocket if needed to keep this server alive, so long as I can manage in time. - Camtaro