New Onicraft mining world

RA3Unleashed AdminDevSponsor*Oni*
RA3Unleashed @ OniCraft
posted Mar 8, 15

Hello my fellow Oni!

We've been working hard to get the server into full 1.8. There's been some hickups, but we've got through most of it. The key things you need to be away of are:

  • the smooth stone and sandstone slab blocks are no longer craftable - they were removed as of 1.8
  • lockette has updated to take account of UUIDs - but this means old lockettes are broken (you just need to replace them to make them work)
  • dragon travel is temporarily unavailable - but we hope to have that back soon
  • 1.8 added changeable spawners - but that is disabled
  • craftbook player detection ICs don't transmit redstone through stone (who knows why!)

In addition, we're happy to announce our new 1.8 mining world. Unlike the old one, this world is full of ores. The world generation is completely customised. You'll find ores are a little more difficult to find - but when you do, they spawn in huge veins! This world will be reset once a month along with the other PVP worlds.

Happy mining - and please remember to report any issues you find in our Onicraft bug thread.