An Urgent Update! Please Read!

Camtaro Owner posted Mon at 15:38
Dear Oni Clan Gaming Members.

I have tried to be civil, but it's very hard when many of you continue to message me things that I have already addressed in news posts or other threads. Use these web tools more often to stay up to date.

Please read this news special if you are a clan member and have not yet had a chance to.

There is only 275/4000 registered members who have viewed it. Not only should you read that news report, but the old ones in the news discussion archive and any new ones that pop up every month. If you did stay up to date, you would understand what Is going on, you would not have to ask so many questions and you would know where I am at. Which is right here. On the website, and in your servers, every single day. All FOUR of them. Yes we have FOUR servers I operate. Not just the one or two.

From here on out, slandering the owner is going to be an actionable offense with a 2 day temp ban included or worse. I am so tired of watching so many of you talk trash about me, or how you think I do not care. It's gotten so bad people are messaging me here on the site while I am working on the server in remote desktop telling me things like you suck, don't care and are not on anymore. 

I am done with that way of thinking from the community. While I believe you are entitled to your opinions about me, when they are negative keep em silently to yourself or speak of it elsewhere and not on my servers or website from here out. I do not want any more new members seeing any of you complain about things that are not even true.

And if you are a new member, or a member who has been respectful and knowledgeable through the past two years, I apologize you had to witness this. Know that I am here, almost 24/7 and If you need me, message me in a web PM or via my email and I will always reply to you within one business day.

Thank you for the time you took to read this.