All rules within are to be obeyed and the severity of infractions against the server by breaking the rules will be left at the discretion of the staff member handling the individual case. If you find the staff member was in error in their decision you are to contact RA3Unleashed, TheAlphaGecko, TheTycoon, Camtaro, or meiamsome via in game personal message or a personal message here on the site. It is not to be discussed in a public manner.

1. Be respectful
  • You can speak your mind, so long as you're polite about it.
  • Don't harass others for any reason, including spiritual or political views.
  • No racism, sexism, spamming, slander, or typing excessively in caps.
  • Don't build or refer to spiritual, or other overtly offensive concepts.
  • Do not build or destroy near someone else's property without their permission.
  • Do not beg. This includes repetitive asking.
  • Do not trade scam.
  • Don't rip someone off simply because they are new to the economy.

2. No griefing. Period. This includes:
  • Altering the state of owned blocks in any way without the owner's permission.
  • All natural structures are property of the server such as villages, temples, etc. You can loot them, just don't destroy them without a good reason for doing so. (You may remove a village if it is in the way of a build that you are working on, but be sure to remove it completely.)

3. No stealing in the overworld, including:
  • Any container that can contain items.
  • Taking player dropped items in Non-PvP areas

4. No anti-player traps in the overworld.
  • No unmarked/hidden traps meant to harm a player.

5. No advertising, including:
  • Other Minecraft servers, voice services, websites, etc.

6. No exploitation or hacking
  • This includes bug exploits and duping.
  • Do not use commands (for example Dragon Travel) and Minecraft mechanics to bypass locked doors in the overworld.
  • No X-rays, or other cheating mods. Yes this includes flying. If you're unsure if a mod is allowed, be sure to ask.
  • No trying to exploit something unclear in the rules.
  • Anything that breaches the afk auto-kick is strictly against the rules and bannable. For example: rails that just go in a circle.
  • Report any potential hackers by taking a screenshot of the suspect activity, and PMing it to the staff.

7. Respect the staff
  • They are moderating for free, on their own time.
  • Not knowing the rules is no reason to break them.
  • Staff Members cannot be killed while on the job.
  • Do not question staff actions, or disrepect them in public chat. If you have a specific question or complaint about staff report it to an admin ONLY. Where the complaint is about an admin report it to Camtaro ONLY.

8. PvP
  • Overworld - PvP is only allowed if consensual dual, or in a designated PvP area.
  • Any area PvP is allowed in, item keeping is allowed.
  • No camping - home, spawn, or portal camping is not allowed / it is considered camping after 20 min.
  • No using commands to gain the upper hand / no using commands to escape / no logging out in combat.