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Exciting News!

By TheAlphaGecko AdminDev*Oni*Vet - Posted Jan 1, 16

To renew our Minecraft servers and recruit new players we’re working hard to redesign each server with all new plugins and perks. What this means is that (just as if this was a brand new server) everything will be reset soon, including:

  • ranks
  • money
  • stats
  • maps

To help renew the servers, we’ll also be starting a new donation system with both individual and server-wide rewards. There will be some new perks along with some favorites. We’ll also be giving in-game perks to previous donors as a thank you for your years of support to the server.

If you’re not a donor already, you can still get in on these rewards by donating before the end of January.

We’ll be making the current maps (survival world, space world, creative worlds, etc) available to download as soon as we open the new server. That way you’ll be able to keep a copy to use in single player if you wish to continue your builds. If you want to do this, make sure to write down the coordinates of your build so you can get to it after downloading the map.
If you have anything you’d like to screenshot on our servers to keep or show off to your friends, you should do so before the end of January. Any substantial builds we want to retain will be moved to a display map on the new server to showcase our best work.

We will be hosting a new OniTech pack, The Wasteland. You’ll find yourself in a world with no animals, no vegetation, and few resources. It’s going to be a lot of work to make yourself a lush, green, and liveable home in this unforgiving desert. Will you take the path of magic, or science? The pack is based on the Regrowth modpack, with some Oni favorite additions!