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OniCraft. Newer and better then ever.

By Camtaro Admin*Oni*Vettag - Posted Jan 31, 16

Hello everyone. As you already know Alpha posted 

"Greetings fellow Onis,

As we near the start of our 4th year as a community we have decided to start fresh. We have a brand new map, and nothing will be transferred over. This is an opportunity for everyone to start off equal again!

The IP is the same (OniCraft.OniClanGaming.Com) so just log in as usual and get started today!

For those who are interested, the maps from the old server will be made available for download soon, so stay tuned!"

But i'd just like to take a minute to thank everyone for all their help making this happen and all the people that showed up after the hard work was completed, you all made it worth it.

We're averaging 20 people at peak hours now which is numbers we haven't seen in years. So it's gonna be a very exciting anniversary this march if we keep up the pace. Thanks again everyone. - Cam