Clan news

Hello everyone!

It is with great pride that we are finally able to announce the launch of the long awaited:

OniRevival: Wasteland
based on Regrowth by thephoenixlodge

The Earth has seen many disasters, natural and not, in the years since you last knew it. The landscape has been scorched, few things grow, and the only things that still live will hunt you, desperate for food. But there is still hope for life on this dying world. With some luck and a lot of patience even a single seed will return grasses to barren dirt. Chose your strength: magic, or science? Will you harness the power of the aether and conjure metals and powers seemingly from naught? Or will you build machines to restore the DNA of creatures long dead and work long hours to breed back into existence plants and bees that have not thrived in millenia?

As is usually the case with our tech modpacks, we encourage you to team up and work together to survive (more so in this pack than our previous offerings) and to that effect, the Hard Core Questing Mod supports creating "party's". you can choose to allow each member of the team to claim a quest reward indevidually, or allow the reward to be claimed just once for a more challenging expierence!

You can read the full forum post Here to learn more about OniRevival: Wasteland!