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OniTech 4: Return of GregTech

By JamiePhonic AdminDevVettag - Posted Apr 29, 16
We launched OniRevival: Wasteland back in late febuary. Now, 3 months later, Tech's customary refresh has rolled arround once more, so with that, we are proud to announce the next iteration of our Tech pack...

OniTech 4: The Return of Gregtech

GregTech is back--and this time, with 100% more fusion reactor! Now you can impress your friends and family by building THE ULTIMATE in power generation! Or maybe, if you know a more easily impressed crowd, you can build the MEKANISM fusion reactor instead! Maybe you're the type to just build some simple coal burning steam generators--they're all here in this pack!

Installation Instructions:

There's nothing to do! It's just that simple! Just fire up the old tech pack from the Technic Launcher and accept the update to 4.0.0!

If you haven't installed our tech pack previously, and would like a full list of instructions just click this link to find out how to do that.

While most of GregTech's overrides remain in place, the recipes for the iron toolsets were reverted to their vanilla recipes. Only higher tier picks require plates, files, and hammers in their recipes. There are also Progressive Automation, Immersive Engineering, Thaumcraft, EnderIO and others to get you started and to give you alternatives in your building and automation.

You can read the full announcment post Here!
We recommend you do since it contains a bunch of information that will help players new and old get aquainted with gregtech.

I personally would like to take a moment to thank TheAlphaGecko, BernieLaraemie and GuestBuilder for helping me roll this pack together over the past few weeks. Without their help we would not have had it ready in time.

Finally, we'd like to say thanks to everyone that competed the Oni Clan Gaming Community Survey! Congratulations to LordNexus who was selected at random to win a free copy of Rocket League! Jamie will be in touch by PM for you to claim your prize!

Don't worry if you didn't win this time. there will be more chances for you to win prizes in the future!