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OniARK: Survival Evolved

By JamiePhonic AdminDevVettag - Posted Jun 27, 16

Hello everyone! It's been almost 2 months since the last update. (This is my 4th news post in a row! I'm on a roll :D)

As some of you may know, we launched an ARK server back in the middle of March and it has been fairly active with players on regularly ever since, however it was launched somewhat quietly with only a quick forum post made about it.

We've learned alot since launching it about what does and doesn't work for our community and as such, we've decided to wipe the slate clean for all current players and relaunch it as a brand new server for everyone!

If you dont already have it, NOW is the perfect time to get it while its 45% off in the steam summer sale!

For those who played on the server before, heres a brief run down of whats new!

1. PVP is now enabled! (Scheduled PVE "MAY" be enabled at some point. we'll see how it goes)
2. Offline Raid protection is enabled 5 minutes after the last tribe member logs out.
3. Engram points allocation has been changed to allow you to learn engrams from mods.4. A majority of the game settings have been reset to vanilla values.
5. We've switched back to The Island since it seems to be the favourite. (and The Center still needs a bit of work)
6. Admin logging is ON, so you can rest assured the admins arn't cheating.
7. Diseases are enabled, but not perminant (You'll loose them if you die, this may change)
8. Building is disabled in resource rich areas (i.e. around the mountains) to stop "resource camping"

Thats most of the important changes/current settings, and these will likely change as we progress and more players join and give us their opinions.

For now, check out that previousley mentioned forum post HERE (which i have since updated) to find out how to join and get started in ARK!