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Oni Clan Gaming, 2017. Starting Fresh.

By Camtaro Admin*Oni*Vettag - Posted Jan 14, 17

Hello all my fellow Oni. Been awhile, I know...

As some of you might remember, I had stated awhile back that I might be returning to the minecraft scene if I felt interested enough still once my computer was assembled and fully operational. Well, it's been a few months now and I'm still interested. The only problem is, Oni Clan Gaming, OniCraft, OniTech, it's all so bland and uninteresting now. I can't quite put my finger on it honestly. So my only real option at this point is to try and wipe the slate clean and build from the ground up again.

I'm not sure who else is interested in trying to make OCG entertaining again, but I know I am. So anyone who still does stuff around here, get into contact with me. We'll throw some ideas around. For now expect to see heavy overhauls of the website and it's interfaces. A large cleaning to the forums. If you're missing a thread you can request a staff member to pull it out of archives.

I can tell you this though. Right now my expectations by our 5 year anniversary in March are these;

- Have fresh updated worlds, clean and ready to go.

- 1-2 Active staff members per server at any given time.

- An active online and voice chat community.

- An average of 10 Players per server at any given time.