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OniClanGaming: Starting Fresh

By TheAlphaGecko AdminDev*Oni*Vet - Posted Mar 31, 17

Hello people of Oni.
After a long wait, I am proud to announce that the new and greatly improved OniClanGaming servers are here and ready for you to play!

Server IP:
Background information:
Here are some things that you should know in order to make your experience a little easier!
1. The OniCraft server is now broken down into 4 servers, each linked together instead of separate worlds. This means that you must either A) use one of the portals that we have created in the hub server, or B) use the command /server to change between server types.
2. Currently, the 4 servers are as follows:
- Lobby, (aka hub) - this server links all of the servers together, similar to how we've had our spawn worlds in the past. As you wander around spawn, you will find the portals to each server.
- Towny - Good ol' Vanilla Minecraft with the Towny plugin, very similar setup to what we've always had in the past.
- Factions - New to OniClanGaming, we are trying out a factions server, with specific rules to come.
- Event - Events will be held in this server and be open each week for everyone to play.

OniTech - This season of Tech has a new modpack and we've finally moved on to 1.10.2!, of course due to the demise of bukkit and its related projects like cauldron, we've had to switch to sponge for our plugins. While this comes with some benefits, it also comes with some drawbacks, namly the lack of plugins at this time.

We've done our best to find sutiable sponge equivelents of our old bukkit plugins, but obviousley there are very few direct ports of existing plugins. (The only major one at this time is WorldEdit)

Our replacement for Essentials is called Nucleus, and you can click Here for a command reference.
Each command has a "Default Role" assigned to it which we've used "as is", so a command with the default role "user" can be used by Member and up, everything else is mod or admin.
If theres a command you think you should be able to use who's default role isn't User (like /ping for example), just create a post in the OniTech Hepldesk and we'll se what we can do!

The server is live NOW ( and the pack is available here for the Technic Launcher, and thanks to JamiePhonic for putting it all together.