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Tech 1.10.2 Refresh

By JamiePhonic AdminDevVettag - Posted May 10, 17

My fellow Oni,

Jamie here with a bit of bad news.

Due to the numerous issues we've been having on the tech server in the past few days, i've decided it would be best to just wipe the world and start over.

Please be assured that this is not the outcome i would have wanted, but the issues we've been having seem to have no identifiable root cause, and trying to find one has been eating up just too much of my time.

Please read the MOTD when you re-join the server. it contains a bit of good news!

As consolation for the loss of all your hard work, i will be offering everyone who played on the server some kind of reward, yet to be determined. (suggestions welcome)

Sincere appologies,
- Jamie