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New OniTech Server!

By TheAlphaGecko AdminDev*Oni*Vet - Posted Jan 29, 19

Hello all, I have set up a basic 1.12.2 server using the Direwolf20 modpack on the FTB launcher as requested by a few active players. If you would like to play with us, use the IP "" Our previous Tech server is still available for anyone that would like to play on it, but this one uses a different port so both of them are able to run on the same IP address.

To download the FTB launcher, visit I would recommend using the "Legacy Windows" version (located under the red download button) as it does NOT use the Twitch launcher, and installs a basic,  standalone, easy to use launcher. 

Once you have the launcher installed, log in and navigate to the "Modpacks" tab and either search or scroll to find the pack called "FTB Presents Direwolf20 1.12.2" and install it. I reccommend using a 64 bit Java and allocating a decent amount of ram (4-8 GB) for best results (change this in the settings tab). OptiFine and/or FastCraft can be added to your client to increase framerate on lower-end machines if needed. 

I have enabled teleporting with the JourneyMap mod, so you can set a waypoint and teleport back to it, since there is no /home feature. You will have to map the JourneyMap keys in the controls menu of game to whatever you would like, but they are UNASSIGNED by default; I reccomend using B,N,M,J,+, and -, as they are the default keys where they are preassigned. The rules are the same as all of our servers, no griefing, no stealing, no unconsented PvP, and please try to keep other dimensions unloaded as much as possible and do not create lag-inducing machines or leave large mob spawners alone and running, as an effort to keep server lag to a minimal. RFTools dimensions should be fine to make as long as (again) only necessary ones are loaded and they are not causing server lag. Please be respectful to other players and if you notice excessive lag or other issues, please make me aware in the OniClanGaming Discord server. Have fun!